Thursday, 9 October 2014

New links for all of you!

Michael Najjar is a German artist who produces a lot of digital and photographical work often around a scientific theme.

Sarah I would like you to look at his series called "Outer Space"
Sarah I have also found an Artist called Valerie Kirk who produces tapestries. She has made a tapestry based upon a scientific photograph by a scientist called Brian Schmidt which is very interesting, especially in the way that she is combining high science with craft materials. 
Sarah I would also like you to look at spray paint artists that produce outer space scenes using everyday objects to create different effects, It might be worth us having a play with these materials and trying to produce our own.

Dante, Henry, Tim and Brandon: there is a really interesting set of images by Michael Najjar titled 'Netropolis' using multiple exposures which I think might be really interesting for you guys to have a look at. 

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